Commercial General Liability


Commercial General Liability insurance provides protection to businesses for expenses ofinjuries to others and property damage. In many states CGL coverage is often required before a contractor can even bid for a particular job. Liability Insurance is defined as an insurance policy that offers protection against third-party claims of property damage, injury or bodily harm, loss of life or limb, or negligence. General liability insurance offers blanket coverage which includes both “public” and “product” liability, meaning that coverage extends to direct or indirect actions of the insured (and the insured’s employees) which result in loss or damage, as well as products or structures manufactured by the insured which cause loss or damage due to a fault in the product.

General Liability insurance is required by the state for most contractors, even sole proprietors; additionally contractors with employees are also required to obtain worker’s compensation insurance. The levels of coverage differ depending on the state and level of construction. Requirements for the state may be different than those contracts with private parties. The minimum coverage recommended for most contractors is 1 million/ 2 million.

At Atlantic Agency all of our Agents specialize in construction insurance, and we regularly attend trainings to keep up with the latest changes in the industry guaranteeing that you’ll receive the best policy available to you. We do all that we can to match you with a policy that best suits your needs with the best contractor general liability insurance rates possible. We work for you, and will always ensure that you are given the facts to make an informed decision regarding your choice of coverage and the company that you are placed with.

In addition to general liability insurance, we also specialize in workman’s comp insurance, construction insurance, builder’s risk insurance, equipment and tool coverage, commercial auto insurance, and umbrella policies. Whatever your insurance needs are we are trained to help you.

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